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Fantasy Fish.

To order…..

Bone china Fantasy Fish Dinner service . These square plates are of the finest quality and lend themselves perfectly to this design. But these fish can also be produced on round plates, mugs etc and in any desired colours.

Beach stones ( Stensils ).

These plates are decorated with stensils, ( after an original oil painting of mine ). The set  includes  rectangular plates, sandwich plates, mugs, coffee cups etc. Dinner plates measure 29cm x23cm and are 25€ each. The salad/ dessert plates measure 22cm x 17cm and are 22€ each. These plates can be purchased as a full set or individually.Prices include postage.

Fish Bones

To order….

These porcelain plates are painted in a rich deep blue with a matching band around the edge of each plate. They measure 26cm in diameter, are priced at30€ each, including postage.

Fish – blue & grey stones.

To order…..

Grey Stones & Blue fish. These dinner plates are painted in a soft blue-grey and measure 27cm in diameter. Other plates eg. soup, dessert etc can be painted to complete the service. Dinner plates are priced at 25€ including postage.

Egyptien Red & Gold Stars

Porcelain Egyptien Red Dinner Service with Gold Stars. This service includes Presentation plates measuring 32cm, Dinner plates 27cm, Dessert plates 21cm, Cheese plates 17cm, Bread plates 15cm & Soup plates 22cm. These plates can also be purchased individually and the design can be reproduced on meat platters, veg. bowls, etc. Prices vary in accordance with plate size, ranging from 25€ to 40€.

Royal Blue

Royal Blue porcelain Dinner Service.This service includes dinner plates measuring 27cm, soup plates 22cm, salad/dessert plates 21cm. Other plates such as presentation (32cm) & bread plates (15cm) can be added. Platters and vegetable bowls also. The dinner plate is priced at 30€, the soup plate at 28€ and the dessert plate at 25€. These prices include postage.

Marble Green.

Hand-painted marble green dinner service in porcelain.This service is painted to order and can be done in any colour.Also, one can choose what plates are needed, eg, dinner, dessert, soup etc, etc. The large plain green plate is a presentation plate and replaces a table mat. The presentation plate is 32cm in diameter, the dinner plate is 27cm, the dessert/salad plate is 21cm,the cheese plate is 17cm, the bread plate is 15cm and the soup plate is 22cm. They are all dishwasher proof . The price range is 20€  – 35€ per item.

Art Deco

Art Deco porcelain Dinner Service in Rasberry Pink. This service includes presentation plates 32cm diametre, dinner plates 27cm diametre, salad/dessert plates 21cm, soup plates 22cm diametre, cheese plates 17cm & bread plates 15cm.Other items such as vegetable bowls & meat platters etc can be ordered to complete the service. Items can be purchased individually and prices vary according to plate size, from 25€ to 40€.

Spring Green

Spring Green porcelain Dinner Service which includes presentation plates 32cm diametre, dinner plates 27cm diametre, salad/dessert plates 21cm, cheese plates 17cm, bread plates 15cm & soup plates 22cm. This dinner service can be purchased as a full service or plate by plate and prices vary according to plate size. Prices range from 25€ to 40€.

Mackerel – blue, grey & yellow.

Porcelain Plate.  To Order.

Dimensions (19 cm x 19 cm )

Mackerel – brick red, yellow & black.

  In Stock.

Porcelain plate.   Dimensions 19 cm x 19 cm .


Mackerel –  yellow, red & black.

In Stock.

Porcelain Plate.

Dimensions:  19 cm x 19 cm.

Coloured Fish Panels.



Mackerel panels.

In Stock.

Porcelain  Plate.

Dimensions:  25 cm x 25 cm.

Cartoon Tomatoes Salad/pasta plates

In Stock.

Porcelain Plates.

Diameter : 26 cm .




Porcelain Bowl.

Dimensions : 30 cm long x 15.5 cm wide x 7 cm high. 



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